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Is Taysom Hill the Mormon version of Johnny Manziel?

CBS Sports columnist lights the fire of optimism in Provo.

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Chris Huston, Twitter royalty in the college football community for his great work at Heisman Pundit, filed a brief piece for CBS Sports on Taysom Hill being named the starting quarterback at BYU. Though short in length, the ripples of this story have already reached the outer reaches of the spirit world.

The pertinent quote:

If Hill can come back 100 percent from his injury, he has the ability to do for BYU what Johnny Manziel did for Texas A&M.

Break out the Quest for Perfection t-shirts!

I have long been on record as believing that Hill is the prototypical quarterback for college football played in the second decade of the 21st century. His athletic ability is unquestioned, and based on the small sample of last season, his decision-making fits the mold as well. Some question Hill's development and ability to be an accurate passer.

I think that is unfair.

Hill did not receive a majority of the snaps during Spring or Fall camp last season. And, after Riley Nelson's injury and ineffectiveness showed their ugly face against Utah and Boise State, Hill had just two weeks of preparation as the number-one starter. BYU won both of those games, the latter of which Hill was sidelined with a season-ending injury. (First reported here on VTF. Digital high-five to myself!)

Remember, folks, Hill was recruited and signed by Jim Harbaugh to play football at Stanford. Given Harbaugh's evaluative prowess, I don't think we should worry about Hill's upside. And with Anae the White now returned to the Provo Shire, BYU has the master it needs to develop this talented Idaho native. Anae's ability to mold John Beck, Max Hall, and Matt Scott speaks for itself.

I told myself that I would never be overly optimistic every again. Yet, here I am. I am who I am.

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Brigham Young University remains the seven-time defending Spring Football National Champion. Congrats everyone!