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BYU coaches react to Google Fiber coming to Provo

Technological waves have swept through Provo after Google announced it was bringing its ultra-fast Internet to the college town.

"I'll be able to stream Brian's Song with no lag? Tremendous." -Bronco Mendenhall, probably.
"I'll be able to stream Brian's Song with no lag? Tremendous." -Bronco Mendenhall, probably.

The city of Provo and Google announced on Wednesday that the Internet giant is bringing its uber-fast Gigabit internet to the Utah city. Provo will join the exclusive GF club with Kansas City and Austin, Texas. (Insert Big 12 conspiracy here.)

The service, which will also provide Provo residents with a modest 5 Mbps Internet service for free after an activation fee, brings one-gigabit Internet to the market, ten times faster than anything else available.

BYU coaches probably reacted to the news that will be a boon to the local economy and provide free Internet to libraries and schools:

Robert Anae: "I feel honored that a business giant such as Google would back up my offensive revolution to GO FAST GO HARD here in Provo. The entire city is now benefiting from this revolution. #gofastgohard"

Bronco Mendenhall: "Google has a long track record of position mastery and execution in the business of the world wide web. With a high level of execution, Mayor Curtis has shifted the paradigm for the citizens of this city."

Dave Rose: "Gigabit Internet represents the pace of play we strive for in the basketball program. I hope to call upon Google executives to teach our players to be fast and innovative. Gigabit Internet : Jimmer :: Status Quo Internet : Nick Martineau."

Brandon Doman: "I guess everyone probably thinks the failure of iProvo is my fault."

Guy Holliday: "For too long, Internet service providers have been cheating the game. Now the tech sheriff is in town, and it's not letting anyone cheat the game. I wholeheartedly approve."

We'll keep you updated if any more coaches speak up on the business breakthrough.