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Coming Soon: 2013 BYU football travel guides

A look ahead to what you can expect from my upcoming 2013 travel guides. Each guide will help you make the best of your weekend excursions this fall.

I, like many of you, have been getting more anxious by the week for the 2013 BYU football season to kickoff and finally enjoy the powerful schedule Mr. Holmoe has compiled. But do you know what I enjoy more than sitting back and waiting? Making my preseason preparations to attend ALL of those games in person!

As many of you know, I've been making these trips to road games for years. However, many of you never see the planning and prep that goes on months before I ever visit my BFF's at TSA inside Salt Lake International Airport.

This summer, I've decided to pass the time by preparing a "BYU Fan Travel Guide" for each road game of the much anticipated 2013 season. Over the next few weeks, I'll release a travel guide for each team on the schedule, in the order we play them. These guide's have been compiled with the help of local fans, media members and athletic administrators from each of the schools. Because trust me, I don't plan on eating at Applebee's and killing time in my hotel room when I arrive in Charlottesville, VA. on August 31.

I completely understand many people (including myself) don't want to have a set agenda or schedule to add more stress to a weekend football getaway. With that said, I also hate wasting time in hotel rooms when I'm on the road...I can sleep when I'm at home in Utah.

If you've ever followed my previous blog posts, you know that when I go to a city, I want to see all that city has to offer. I like to experience what the locals like to do, where they eat and what traditions each school has. Everyone can find the local tourist trap, but it takes a little digging to find some of the hidden gems that college towns across America have to offer. I've been fairly successful in experiencing many of these places and now I want to share that with all you Cougar fans who I expect to see on the road in full force this fall.

I also know that not all fans have the same interests, so I've done a little extra research to try and come up with multiple options in each city. Whether it be golf, museums, shopping or restaurants, my goal was to help every type of BYU fan have a better experience when they visit a new venue. With the packed schedule we have this year, I'm expecting that more Cougar fans than usual will be making a trip or two this season to watch the Cougs on the road. I also assume that many of you will only be making one trip this season, so why not be prepared and make that one trip a memorable one?

I've enjoyed working with many great college football fans across the nation to compile these guides. If they help out even just a few of you in your travel planning, then my time spent was well worth it. I look forward to meeting more of you this fall while I'm out an about.

Feel free to hit me up on twitter if you and your crew are ever at a game. There's nothing better than meeting fellow BYU fans on the road. If you weren't planning on attending any games, well that's fine too, but don't be jealous when the rest of us are out having some awesome weekend adventures.

This five part series will be published in the following order:

1: Charlotesville, Virginia

2: Houston, Texas

3: Madison, Wisconsin

4: South Bend, Indiana

5: Reno, Nevada

I look forward to sharing this knowledge gathered from fans and administrators. Stay tuned!