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BYU will be better in 2013, so practice this duet with Bronco

BYU fans: Let your feelings out to Bronco in song, and he will respond to make it a beautiful duet.


A short while ago I debuted a parody song for fickle BYU fans. On a long drive with the family this weekend I was forced to endure listening to Pink's "Just Give Me a Reason" about 3,427 times while my wife and two daughters (8 and 2) sang along.

Right before I was about to drive us all off the road near Burley, ID, it occurred to me this duet is a perfect platform for a parody of BYU football fans and Bronco Mendenhall expressing their heart-felt feelings to each other.

Like any parody, it's better enjoyed if you know the original, but do so at your own risk with this maddeningly catchy number.

So here you go. You're welcome.

Fans singing somberly to Bronco:

Right from your start
You scored a lot
You racked up yards
And I, a loyal Cougar
Sometimes you showed some games to me
That weren't all that pretty
But with every year I came back

Now the defense is a freaking beast, oh but
The offense looks like it's asleep, oh now
Tell me that you've had enough
Of our O, of our O

Just give me a season
Just improvement is enough
The offense isn't broken just bent
And we can learn to score again
The O-line's had no stars
You can see it in the scars on the backs
But we're not broken just bent
And we can learn to score again

Bronco singing to fans pleadingly:
I'm sorry and I understand
The offense was a pile of dung
I know, and it's not fine
So I brought in Dr. Bob again
Hard and Fast we will fix everythin'
And whip up the O-line

Last year was a real bad dream, oh and
Utah's streak will end at three, oh oh
There's a whole new book of playbook sheets
In Bob I trust, I trust

Just give me a season
Just twelve games will be enough
Just a second it was Brandon and them
And we will learn to score again

This year we won't be stopped
Forty touchdowns aren't a lot, just a start
The Utes will be left broken and bent
And we will learn to win again

Fans: Our O line could suck
Bronco: I've fixed it for us
Fans: We don't want to punt, but CougarBoard says to trust
Bronco: Stop holding it in
Fans: We'll send you a tweet
Bronco: We'll play these games as a team and
Fans: Win thirteen!

All Together Lovingly:

Just give me a season
400 yards per game's enough
Just a second we'll win 12 games and then
National championship again

It's in the stars
It's been written in the scars from Ute trolls
So let's go fast and hard then
We will learn to score again