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VTF Site Update: A Farewell Letter

A quick note on some big changes at Vanquish the Foe.

George Frey

20 months ago, myself and Zach Bloxham were handed the keys to Vanquish The Foe after the previous managing editor went MIA, and it seems to have blurred quickly by. Thanks to those of you who frequented the site and made it fun to do something we already loved. I have loved my time, but I am leaving Vanquish The Foe to pursue another opportunity.

Whether it was helping you be a TRUE FAN, breaking really depressing injury news, putting scheduling in perspective, treating you to a weekly podcast, or writing a funny article that ended up openly exposing one of Twitter's biggest expansion rumor hucksters -- among many, many other quality pieces -- I can definitely say that our staff did everything we could do deliver the news, provide interesting commentary, have some fun, and hopefully bring you a slightly different angle to being a BYU sports fan.

I was conflicted to leave VTF and SB Nation. There is a bevy of talent at SBN and the product/design team has done an out-of-this-world job. But an opportunity presented itself to me out of nowhere and I decided, A) It was too good to pass up the challenge, and B) I may have taken VTF as far as I personally can. My decision is in no way meant to reflect or imply anything negative upon the state of SB Nation or what the network represents.

I gave it my all. I can proudly say that VTF experienced 75% of its all-time traffic under our stewardship, a time period that accounts for just 40% of the life of the site on SB Nation. I just hope somewhere in those numbers was a good time for you, the members of the BYU sports community.

Special thanks should be extended to Joel Hollingsworth and Peter Bean, awesome members of the SBN college network who gave us our start; to Mark Ennis for assisting in that; to all the guys on the SBN product team who are doing innovative stuff; and for any other SBN collegians or readers who played nice with us weird Mormons.

But hey, some other weird Mormons are surely going to be here to take Vanquish The Foe to its next step.

It's been awesomely fun to be a part of this site, and I can't properly express to you, the readers, how appreciative I am of your support.

"On we go to vanquish the foe..."

Brett Hein