The value of Core Values

Bronco, I'm sorry.

I feel ashamed of myself. I, like EVERYBODY else, blasted Coach Mendenhall for wanting to put "Spirit, Tradition, Honor" on the back of the players uniforms.

Friday, we learned the "Core Values" of the University of Utah football team.

  • No Drugs
  • Honesty
  • Treat Women With Respect
  • No Stealing
  • No DUI's

Seriously, maybe Max Hall was right. Are you asking for credit for stuff anyone with decency does anyway?

(On the upside of the Utah Core Values, if the environment on the hill is such that they need to remind their young men to treat women with respect, be honest, and not steal, drink and drive, or do drugs... then full credit to the University of Utah coaching staff for trying to address it. Baby steps. And holy crap I had no clue it was that bad up there.)

Tonight, I would proudly support the team wearing the STH jerseys and look forward to seeing them on Homecoming.

The reason Utes fans claim they hate BYU is because we're pious. But, don't we have the high ground? Don't we have a point?

Last season, I was driving to the grocery store, checked the sports radio stations and caught the last minute before halftime of a Utah game. First commercial was for Bail Bonds. Next one was for DUI attorneys. Dead serious.

I'll keep Jones Paint and Glass, Macey's, and Les Olson Company.

I'm aware that BYU Football hasn't always lived up to the standard the University has set. I'm aware that the sidelines under Bronco certainly aren't free from foul language.

However, I can appreciate the high standards and expectations found at BYU. And shouldn't everybody?

Football is fifth. Having football fifth may cost the Cougars victories - victories against the Utes. But as BYU fans, isn't that the reason why we cheer for them?

Reaching goals for hundreds of hours community service for the program are just as important as winning bowl games. Holding firesides to inspire people to a better way are just as important as games on their road trips.

Congrats to Utah for their BCS victories, and their invitation into the Pac 12. I would love to see those terrific things happen to BYU one day. But will gladly live with our achievements as they are in order to have core values that aren't simple things that responsible people do already.

Listen, BYU isn't alone. There are several great programs. But tonight, I'm proud to be a Cougar and frankly, I'm unsure why people would hate this program.

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