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An invitation to play Fantasy Football

VTF is inviting its readers and BYU fans to play Fantasy Football with us.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

College football is just over a week away! In just a few short days we'll be cheering our Cougars on to vanquish the foe in true blue fashion. Are you ready for the first game?

Have you stocked your fridge?

Are your season tickets locked safely away until game time?

Have you made your season predictions?

Is your Fantasy Football team ready yet?

That last one's what we want to talk to you about today. As you might have seen in MB Murray's post, "What to do during the other 165 hours in a week," the staff at VTF has created a Fantasy Football league and we are inviting you to play!

We've set up a team in the College Football Challenge, College Pick'em, and College Rank'em. Join 1 or join all 3. Each has its own purpose and time commitment attached so choose wisely according to what you can manage.

How Do You Get In?

To get in, follow the directions below:

  • Go to and find the the game of your choice (College Football Challenge, College Pick'em, and/or College Rank'em) under the list "Free Games to Join."
  • Sign-in to ESPN (if you don't have an account you can create one or sign-in with Facebook).
  • Create your entry (make your picks, fill in your roster, etc.) and then choose Division 1, not a particular conference.
  • Join a group, this is where you'll search for our group (Vanquish the Foe) and put in the password (alma).
  • Update your entry weekly for maximum points (if you want to win).

Did You Say Win?

Which brings us to the next point, what do you get should you win? Well, since this is a game played for fun we thought we'd keep the winnings pretty conservative: bragging rights for a year and a post honoring the winner. Like the knights of old, we play Fantasy Football for honor! (Tradition and spirit too, but mostly just honor.)

This invitation is open to all BYU fans. Enter if you want, but play to win! And don't worry about being the worst or missing weeks, we're just playing a pick-up game after all. This isn't the pros, just good ole' fashioned American fun.

See you on the digital grid iron.