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Are two Cougars set to be picked in the top 3 rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft?

Based on a draft board for the 2014 NFL draft, two BYU seniors could be drafted in the top 3 rounds. Both Kyle Van Noy and Cody Hoffman sit inside the top 100 NFL prospects and have positioned themselves to increase their value with breakout years.

Hoffman showing of his athleticism
Hoffman showing of his athleticism
Douglas C. Pizac-US PRESSWIRE

With less than a week until the first game of the 2013 college football season, what are you thinking about?  While most of us are trying to figure out if the referees can keep up with Taysom and company, or how many helmets will be jostled by Kyle and Bronson, Dan Kadar is looking further into the future.  I'm not sure if he is gazing into a crystal ball or the stars are aligning just right, but his view is bright for two of BYU's best players.

On August 22nd Dan created his 2014 NFL Draft Top 100 big board, and among these elite players he included Kyle Van Noy and Cody Hoffman.  The top of his board looks like most draft boards that are ignoring the next nine months, and it is hard to argue with his top 5.   Listed below is how he ranked 1-5:

1. Jadeveon Clowney / 6'6", 272 pounds / Defensive end / South Carolina

2. Teddy Bridgewater / 6'3", 218 pounds / Quarterback / Louisville

3. Jake Matthews / 6'5", 305 pounds / Offensive tackle / Texas A&M

4. Louis Nix / 6'3", 326 pounds / Defensive tackle / Notre Dame

5. Anthony Barr / 6'4", 248 pounds / Outside Linebacker / UCLA

Most of the country is in agreement that these five players are the best at their positions.  The rest of the list is a bit more muddy and open for debate.  Without going through the entire list, you can see it here, I found some interesting tidbits such as the nickname for number 23 is "Haha" (Hasean Clinton-Dix) and the highest ranked player from a non-BCS conference comes in at 25 (Khalil Mack from Buffalo).  I also learned that Dri Archer (Kent State), who comes in at 45 is not listed by position but is listed as an "offensive weapon" and that only seven of the top 100 come from outside the BCS.

Now for the information we all are looking for...where our guys are listed.

Kyle Van Noy

Kyle Van Noy makes his appearance at number 46.  They have him listed as the 7th overall linebacker and the 6th outside linebacker on the board.  With the way Kyle can take over a game (watch the SDSU game), I am surprised he isn't higher on the list of linebackers.  Some experts have Kyle on the list for Heisman hype, including one publication that has the odds at 150-1.  It says something that as a defensive player he is on the list at all.  Though as doubtful and premature these suggestions are, he couldn't get this type of attention if he wasn't better than 46th.

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Cody Hoffman

This brings us to Cody Hoffman.  He makes his debut on the draft board at number 69.  Cody comes in ranked 7th on the list of wide receivers, just before Donte Moncrief of Ole Miss.  He is set to have another outstanding season if he can receive a little help from the other receivers.  If Ross Apo, Skylar Ridley, and the rotating group of tight ends can make plays, Cody should face more single coverage defenses.  This would make a tough match up for any defense.  Cody can also expect more passes thrown to his hands and chest instead of his feet and turf.  Don't forget that the numbers Cody put up last year were done with less than stellar quarterback play.

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Based on this draft analysis, the cougars can expect at least 2 players to be taken in the first couple rounds of the draft, which hasn't happened since 2002 (Doug Jolley 2nd, Ryan Denney 2nd).  Things can and will change due to circumstances during the season but it does leave hope for BYU faithful.

Tell us what you think of the rankings.  Are Van Noy or Hoffman too high/low?  Where would you rank them if it was your draft board?