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Taysom Hill is the Best QB in the State of Utah

Chuckie Keeton, Travis Wilson, Taysom Hill; All leaders behind center in the state of Utah's version of the "Big 3", all vying for the media-given honor of 'The Best QB in the State.' Taysom Hill is the best, here is why:

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

What about Chuckie Keeton?

Does anyone remember Chuckie Keeton (of USU) when he played in Provo last year? Me neither. He was non-existent. Granted, he was going against a team that finished with the #3 total defense in the nation last year, so most quarterbacks BYU's D went against were non-existent except for Oregon St.'s backup QB, which we won't mention. But regardless, Taysom Hill is the one who shined when both QB's went head to head. Utah St.'s defense wasn't exactly a pushover either, coming in with a top 15 defense into that game. Hill successfully put together the game winning drive at the end of the first half with 37 ticks left on the clock before going into the locker room.

So Hill wins the head to head battle against Keeton. Hill-1 Keeton-0.

Hill's record is solid

Next, Hill is undefeated as a starter. Sure, it's two games, but undefeated is undefeated. He had a hay day against Hawaii where he not only threw for a couple TD's but also burned the corners and safeties for the score that Cougar Nation is probably very familiar with. And his other win as the starter was against Utah St. of which we already mentioned.

Undefeated is better than not undefeated. Hill wins again. 1.000 winning pct > anything that's not.

How about Travis Wilson?

Travis Wilson (of the U) was 3-4 as a starter. He got thrown into the refiners fire mid-season when he got the start against UCLA. He hasn't played head to head against Keeton or Hill, yet. The Utes open up the season next Thursday, where we'll get to see them battle it out against each other. Wilson threw for 7 TD's and 6 INT's last season.

Hill and Harbaugh

Taysom Hill was recruited by and committed to Jim Harbaugh. As if we didn't know how good Harbaugh was in college as the head coach of Stanford or as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Harbaugh has a knack for talent, and the fact that Taysom Hill committed to him is in and of itself impressive, before he took back his commitment and came to BYU instead.

BYU, Utah, and Utah St. all play each other this year, so we'll get to see all three of them head to head, as well as compare a full season of stats and watch their performances. As per now, I think Hill is the best QB in the state, but I know many other media members and pundits who would strongly disagree.

Cougar Nation, what do you think? Leave us a comment or two below.