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BYU depth chart for Virginia

Today the Cougars announced the 2-deep depth chart for the game versus Virginia. With a few exceptions, there weren't many surprises, but there will be a number of rotating players.

Williams against G. Tech
Williams against G. Tech
Scott Cunningham

With Saturday looming only days away, the official projected depth chart for BYU has been released. Some of the positions have been known for weeks, while others were a bit cloudy. As we all know, Bronco enjoys keeping us fans on our toes and so the "projected" depth chart will be subject to change at any time for any reason. With the information we have as of today, let's take a look at the two-deep.

The Offense:





Taysom Hill

Ammon Olsen

Running Back

Jamaal Williams

Paul Lasike


Michael Alisa

Adam Hine

Slot receiver

JD Falslev AND

Eric Thornton

Wide receiver

Cody Hoffman AND

Mitch Mathews

Wide receiver

Skyler Ridley AND

Ross Apo

Tight End

Kaneakua Friel AND

Brett Thompson

Left Tackle

Ryker Mathews AND

Brad Wilcox

Left Guard

Solomone Kafu AND

Brayden Kearsley


Terance Alletto

Brayden Kearsley

Right Guard

Brock Stringham AND

Manaaki Vaitai

Right Tackle

Michael Yeck AND

De'Ondre Wesley

As you can see there are a number of positions that include an AND after the starter. This is not to confuse the Cavaliers or the fans, but is used to show which positions will be consistently rotating players in and out. As the weeks go on, this may change or the offense may continue to rotate them in to keep the players fresh. Unless a player steps up and makes it impossible to take him out, I would expect this to show up for a while. This could be particularly true with the offensive line. The one thing that stood out to me was the sharing of duties by the tight end. This could mean a number of two tight end sets as they improve their blocking.

The Defense:




Left End

Bronson Kaufusi

Tomasi Laulile

Nose Tackle

Eathyn Manumaleuna

Marques Johnson

Right End

Remington Peck

Logan Taele

Strong-side Linebacker

Alani Fua

Jherremya Leuta-Douyere

Middle Linebacker

Uani ‘unga

Austen Jorgensen

Buck Linebacker

Spencer Hadley

Tyler Beck

Weak-side Linebacker

Kyle Van Noy

Manoa Pikula

Field Corner

Robertson Daniel

Michael Davis

Boundary Corner

Mike Hague OR Skye PoVey

Dalin Leavitt


Daniel Sorensen

Michael Wadsworth

Free Safety

Craig Bills

Blake Morgan

The defense doesn't have the rotating players like the offense but there are still questions in the secondary. The boundary corner position will be based on the health of Hague and PoVey so we may not know the starter until he trots onto the field for the first time. It is nice to see who has taken the starting field corner position as he will be scrutinized for the next few weeks. Bronco also stated that regardless of what the depth chart shows, Johnson will most likely start at nose tackle while Manumaleuna should start at right end opposite Kaufusi.

Special Teams:



Kicker/Place Kicker

Justin Sorensen


Scott Arellano

Deep Snapper

Kevin O'Mary


Scott Arellano

Punt Returner

JD Falslev

Kick Returners

Adam Hine, Paul Lasikeins?

The special teams look about how it was expected, with exception to Lasike taking a kick return spot. With the talent the team has right now, the cougars have plenty of options for returners and the more quality players that can touch the ball, the better the team will be.

Team Captains Chosen

Along with the depth chart being released, the team captains were named as voted on by the players. For the offense the captains are Skyler Ridley and JD Falslev, while the defense chose Uani Unga and Daniel Sorensen.

With the depth chart out, we are another step closer to game day. Does this depth chart scare you or excite you? What would be your depth chart for Saturday? Does it worry you that the quarterback is not a captain? Does it surprise you that Van Noy and Hoffman are not captains? Let us know and Go Cougars!