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Devin Kaufusi committed to BYU

Keeping up with the Kaufusis...

Devin's older brother Bronson celebrating after a play.
Devin's older brother Bronson celebrating after a play.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It appears safe to say that BYU's recruitment of the latest member of the Steve Kaufusi clan, Devin Kaufusi, came and went so quickly that if your social media game isn't on point, you probably missed it.

From when the rumors of the scholarship offer broke until rumors of Devin's commitment not much more than twenty minutes passed. Is it safe to assume that was a pre-meditated commitment? Hopefully BYU will be looking forward to the same kind of production we expect to see from his older brother Bronson this season, as well his brother Corbin, who is currently serving an LDS mission.

Other than his lineage and high school, I was only able to find out that Devin stands about 6' 5", 180 lbs, is a commitment for the 2015 class and will likely pay DE and TE this season for the Thunderbirds. So at least those are some good indicators that he will follow in his sibling's footsteps.

I am assuming that the reason I can’t find a profile or highlight video of Devin is because there are none. If anyone knows where to find a profile or highlight videos of Devin, you are smarter than me at internets, so please put them in the comment section so the BYU recruiting nerds can find.

Aside from a player with great genes and football background, he has the potential to be a good player that we likely won’t see coach Cary Whittingham shepherd to his brother up north.