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BYU v. Virginia: 2.5 Hours and Counting

It has been 254 days since the Cougars last took the field. Here is a look at the story lines going into the game.

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Let's get this show on the road! Time to kick the tires and light the fires. College football is finally here.

This is truly the best time of year. December gets a close second to the first week of college football. This week's games started on Thursday night and will continue through Monday. Too long has it been since the Cougars have taken the field, 254 days to be exact. That's approximately 365,760 minutes and if you're anything like me, you've been counting every one. That's way too long for any Cougar to have to wait. And now that it's finally here, let's take a quick reminder look at the match-ups! Join us for an examination of a college football carol

A College Football Carol

The BYU v. Virginia game brings a couple of interesting story lines.

The Protagonists (BYU)

Every great story has a few heroes to cheer for. We have 49 and counting.

Robert Anae is back with a new and ramped up offensive scheme.

Taysom Hill is the undisputed starter at quarterback that has the potential to rest his record comfortably with the greats of BYU's quarterbacks.

The running backs, receivers, and linebackers are looking to impress as well.

The Weaknesses

Every great hero has a weakness. It humanizes them, as well as puts them in peril.

Lack of depth and experience raises questions in the secondary and on the offensive and defensive lines. While there are a few solid players in each of these position groups, it is now time for some of the new comers to rise up and show us why we should be cheering their names in week two.

The Antagonist (Virginia)

For Virginia, it is not only that their athletic quarterback lacks meaningful game time experience, but they are one of the youngest FBS teams this year with only eight seniors on the roster.

During a radio interview Virginia head coach Mike London talked about the advantage BYU has of older players in terms of age and results in the weight room. What he probably doesn't realize is that many of the players (while on their missions) lack the time and facilities to lift weights and practice football.

Key Match-up

Virginia's defensive backs are experienced, but look for BYU to take advantage of a height disparity with receivers Cody Hoffman, Ross Apo, and Mitch Matthews.

The Triumph

The weaknesses of the hero are often what put them into difficult situations, but it's their strengths that bring them triumphant through it all.

With all of the unknowns going into this game, one thing is for certain: football is back and the boys of fall are chomping at the bit to get started. So don your fan gear and light up your grills. Rise up Cougar Nation. It is time for football! What are you looking to see in this match-up?

One More Thing

Our friends at Streaking the Lawn, Virginia's SB Nation Blog, had some good things to say on the game as well. Check out their review at 2013 Virginia Football Previews: BYU. Pay close attention to the final prediction of the game... go Cougs!

Here's to a great game! Here's to victory! Here's to the beginning of one of the greatest years of BYU in 2013! The story begins @Virginia.