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Update: BYU to wear "Spirit", "Honor" or "Tradition" jerseys only at homecoming

After initially trying to force tacky buzzwords instead of players' last names on the back of BYU's jerseys, head coach Bronco Mendenhall has acquiesced and will instead only require players to wear the jerseys at homecoming.

BYU Athletics

Update: Bronco has caved and inexplicably made it seem like this was the plan all along.

We can't be the only ones asking, "What happened to 'as long as I'm in charge here?'"


In breaking #HOT #BYU #UNIFORM #TAKES news, it appears that those hoping to rely on jersey names to tell player apart will be out of luck. According to this tweet, BYU will be replacing names with...well...

Experts are still divided if it hurt more or less if Kyle Van Noy careens into you at 100 MPH wearing "HONOR" on the back of his jersey. Opinion on social media has far from divided, though. Nearly unanimously, the Internet has decided this is a particularly silly idea, because let's be totally honest: It pretty much is.

Really, replacing jersey names with say, flagrant advertisements for Cafe Rio, or something would have been less embarrassing.

It's true. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is probably nodding his read right now, taking notes.

This also surely won't quell the barrage of suggestions like "1984", "GIMMICK" to adorn the backs, either.

*Sigh* BYU football really can't get here soon enough.