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Digesting the BYU big win against Texas

Who saw that coming? I doubt anyone with a sane mind could have predicted what happened on Saturday, but now that's it's over and digested, it's time to enjoy the win, let it sink in, and get ready for rivalry week. The blowout win over Texas is the second most impressive win for Bronco Mendenhall as Head Coach at BYU, the most impressive win being against Texas' rival, Oklahoma Sooners in 2009.

George Frey

Not only did BYU have a record day rushing with 550 yards, it was who they did it against that's even more impressive. This isn't Idaho St. we're talking about here, not even Utah. BYU chose a ranked team that is a perennial national power to rack up the most rushing yards in school history against. Here's who BYU was doing it against.

According to, here are the two team's national rankings in recruiting the last 5 years:

---------Texas BYU

2009- 5th 50th

2010- 3rd 40th

2011- 3rd 62nd

2012- 2nd 61st

2013- 24th 70th

The majority of Texas' athletes are four star recruits, with a few five stars sprinkled in. BYU is littered with 2 and 3 star recruits with a couple 4 stars sprinkled in. As you can tell, Texas recruits very well, much better than BYU. I spoke with many Texas fans before the game, and they said that Texas rarely, if ever, recruits outside of the state of Texas. They went on to say Texas has the best football pool for recruiting in the nation. Not many football fans would argue that because football is everything in Texas.

The Cougars just smoked a team that is as athletic of a team in the entire country. All of this talk about their Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz being fired doesn't have anything to do with the athletes that were on the field playing the game on Saturday. The BYU man handled a bunch of football machines, many of them born and raised in football heaven, Texas. Very impressive.

Bronco has never started a season 0-2. He's only started 1-1 or 2-0 the first two games. A win against 15th ranked Texas, and the manner in which it happened is a very impressive way to keep that going.

With the win, Bronco is now 6-3 in home openers as head coach. The win against Texas gives Bronco his 75th win, which ranks 12 in the nation since 2005. (75-30) which is a 71.4% win pct.

The win signifies Bronco's 5th win against a ranked opponent as head coach, the others being to #17 TCU in 2006, #3 Oklahoma, #22 Utah, and #16 Oregon St. in 2009, and now #15 Texas in 2013. Other potential chances may arise this season with games against Notre Dame who is currently ranked 21st and Wisconsin 20th in the AP poll. Georgia Tech, Boise St, and Utah also received votes in the polls.

The offensive line was under scrutiny after the game against Virginia, and more than redeemed themselves against Texas. Anae made a few personnel adjustments, and it seemed to make all the difference. Jamaal Williams was once again a stud, following up his 33 carry, 144 yard performance at Virginia, with a 30 carry, 182 yard performance: 6.1 yards a carry. He's on pace to have not only a special season, but a special career here at BYU.

BYU's offense totaled 679 total yards and 40 points. 72 of the team's 99 plays were rushing plays. It's safe to say, BYU, which has been known for decades as being a passing team, has turned into a running team. Arizona was a running team last year with Anae as the O-line coach and running game coordinator, so this shouldn't be a big surprise. Bronco has been on record saying he wants his team to run effectively and stop the run effectively, that being the foundation of a winning football team.

BYU kicked four field goals and had two turnovers within the Texas 30. Taysom threw an ill-advised interception, and later in the game when BYU lost a fumble on a hand-off mix-up. If those 6 drives finished with TD's, BYU would have amassed 70 points in total. But instead, got 40. The potential of this Go Fast Go Hard offense is sky-high to say the least. However, Justin Sorensen has looked great so far, being perfect on the season with extra points and field goals.

BYU is now 2-1 vs Big 12 opponents in the Bronco era. The sole loss coming at Texas in the 2011 season by 1 point.

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