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Great moments of BYU's defense

Do you love GIFs? Do you love great defense? How about cross-sport athleticism? Well if you answered yes to one or more of those questions then you've come to the right place.

It's great to see a touchdown, but better to watch Van Noy pummel someone.
It's great to see a touchdown, but better to watch Van Noy pummel someone.
George Frey

Hopefully most of you have been to Disneyland at some point in your life, and if you're as lucky as me then every time you went your parents made you go on "Mr. Lincoln's Wild Ride" (that's what my dad called it) a.k.a. Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.  Anyhow, I've dug up some Great Moments with BYU's Defense this season, (and in honor of this great GIF) GIF-ified them, and present them here for your viewing pleasure.

There have already been quite a few great moments in BYU's season so far.  I'm gonna start with my favorite one:

I know that it was mostly useless defense, it totally didn't matter if Texas scored on that hail marry.  But Daniel Sorensen cares not for pity points, and valiantly defended the end zone perhaps saying, "not in my house!"

Let's take a look at that last moment...


I think Sorensen may have been training with the volleyball team for that one.  SPIKE!

Next, a similar play, where Bronson Kaufusi puts his basketball shot blocking skills to work.


Boom!  That kind of stuff really gets me fired up.

Now some great team defense.  Twice during the Texas game, they ran a wildcat package to get 1 or 2 yards.  We stopped them both times, this is one of them.  (Okay, they might have ran the wildcat more than twice, but that's all I remember)


Here's a nice corner blitz from Skye PoVey (or PoyVey, as the commentators liked to say).  It ends up being a quick screen pass so he doesn't have time to get to the QB, but gets his hands up to deflect the pass.  Notice though, that even if he hadn't gotten the tip our safety (who I think was Morgan on this play) and Unga right there to make the tackle, probably at the line of scrimmage.


In case you didn't already know, BYU plays good defense. If you have any other plays that you love (and maybe want GIF-ed) let me know in the comments, and maybe I'll include them next time. I look forward to seeing Travis Wilson sacked a couple times and hopefully an interception for one of our hard working safeties.  Those would be GIF worthy for sure.