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Holy Renewal

It may be taking a break, but the "Holy War" now has at least two more future meetings.

George Frey

Brigham Young University and the University of Utah today announced that the two schools have agreed to a home-and-home series for 2017 and 2018.

It is perhaps not the best news (many fans would like to hear news of a permanent renewal of the series), but it certainly is a step in the right direction. After this weekend's installment of the rivalry in Provo there will be a two year hiatus, but, as announced today, the two teams will resume the house dividing war in 2016 in Salt Lake City.

When news of the rivalry being discontinued broke out there were many fans of both teams that were upset about loosing the highly contested in-state battle. Talks between the two schools eventually began to schedule the series and have been underway since. BYU's Athletic Director Tom Holmoe said about the deal in today's announcement, "It’s an important historical series for the state and the fans of both schools. It’s nice to have it completed."

It's still not a complete guarantee, but this deal leads me to believe that the two schools are now truly interested in continuing the series and will keep working with one another to keep the rivalry going into the future.

What do you think? Will there ever be a break again in the rivalry?

Update: I just found out that the last game scheduled so far (the one in 2018), will take place November 24th resuming the usual end of year timing for the rivalry, and hopefully a shadow of things to come.