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Chris Badger ruled eligible by NCAA

Chris Badger has received approval by the NCAA to play for the Cougars this season, beginning this Saturday against the Utes.

George Frey

After losing star linebacker Spencer Hadley this week to team violations the Cougars received some great news on Thursday afternoon.  Chris Badger, the recent transfer from Notre Dame, received a hardship waiver from the Irish and subsequent approval by the NCAA to play this season.

The NCAA has approved the transfer, which is one of the few times that they have done so in recent history for the Cougars.  This means that Badger can contribute this Saturday against the University of Utah.  The red shirt freshman will add needed depth to the backfield for the Cougars.

Badger played safety in high school for Timpview where he teamed up with Craig Bills to form one of the better secondary units in Utah.  It’s likely that these two would again share the field next year, with senior safety Daniel Sorensen graduating at the end of the season.

Cougar fans should hold their breath though. Badger is extremely new to the BYU system and may not be assignment sound quite yet.  He would also most likely contribute at nickel back or safety, positions at which BYU already has significant depth.

I wouldn’t expect Badger to help at linebacker with Hadley’s loss or as one of the corners.  Mike Hague is supposed to return for this week's game as well and help at corner and nickel back, which is where I think Badger would also have the most impact.

Hopefully there is time to get Badger ready for the Utah game as Bronco shifts around his defense to prepare for the Utes on Saturday.