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Breakout Player Prediction: Ross Apo

BYU's passing game will be tested against a ute defense that has a real deficiency in the secondary. Who is going to step up?

Apo Needs to come up big for BYU!
Apo Needs to come up big for BYU!
Erich Schlegel

The Holy War has produced many memorable games and incredible individual performances. If BYU is to win the 2013 edition it is critical that their passing game show up tonight at LES. Utah will be stacking the box and rolling coverage to Cody Hoffman all night long. If BYU is to be successful, the tight ends and receivers not named Cody Hoffman will have to step up. I believe tonight is finally the nigh Ross Apo shows up and puts his mark on the rivalry and the season.

This is a bold prediction as so far this year Apo has 3 catches for 71 yards. He has not been a contributing member of this offense, at least not to the level his skill set should dictate. Ross Apo has the speed, size, and talent to cause mismatches all over the field. I expect him to have opportunities tonight to make plays. If he makes the plays, BYU wins handily. If he doesn't, this game will be a dog fight all the way to the end.

My bold prediction for Apo's stat line tonight is 7 catches for 100 yards and 2 TD's. Opportunity can often dictate performance and I expect Apo to have tons of opportunities to step up tonight. If he makes play, Utah will make like a burrito and get rolled.