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BYU vs Utah: Game Thread

This thread is for you the fans. Let's talk football.

George Frey

Every good conversation begins with a few meaningful questions. Let's examine some of the important ones facing us this game and see what happens.

  1. Passing game. Every opponent now knows that we can run. Taysom runs. Jamaal runs. So does Lasike and Alisa. The problem with Utah is that they not only know we like to run the ball, but in the recent past, they have been far better at their running defense than the passing. Taysom's going to need to unleash his arm if we want to get an advantage. Any defense can double team Cody Hoffman. Who else can we count on to split the secondary?
  2. Our offense obviously has a challenge ahead of them, can we count on our defense to help them out and get us a touchdown?
  3. History has shown that our games are close, despite how well BYU or Utah does in the regular season. Each player wants the win. The winner of this game is going to take bragging rights into a 2 year hiatus. How much harder do you think BYU will play considering Utah's had exclusive rights to that for 3 years already.

Kick-off's coming. Let's talk football now. Keep the comments clean and let's have some fun!