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BYU vs Utah Final: 13 - 20

Final Holy War meeting for 2 years decided.

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some of the points of interest from the game.

Special Teams

Kick off return for a touchdown! . . . Only we were called for holding back near our 20. Ball was brought back, didn't score off of that drive.

Punt return from blue zone to red 13 yard line. Pushed to 6 yard line. Tried on 4th down. Failed. Luckily we quickly forced a kick.

Red Zone Trial

No matter how close we got to the end zone, we just couldn't convert on 3rd (and sometimes 4th) down. We can drive. We can return kicks. We just couldn't seem to consistently convert at that point. And that could have won the game for us.

In the last 5:30 of the 4th quarter we finally scored our first touchdown with Michael Alisa (though it was won after much review).

Yellow Game

As seems the norm when you're emotionally involved in the game, the refs always seem against you. It deemed they were throwing yellow flags every time Bronco thought about celebrating a good play.

Jamaal Williams Injured

It was third down in the middle of the third quarter.

We needed a yard.

Taysom gave the ball to Jamaal to drive through the middle.

Drive he did. He only need one yard, and he may have got it. Whether he did or not no one seems to remember because when the pile cleared, Williams wasn't moving.

Athletic trainers quickly rushed to his side as 60,000+ fans hushed to the point that crickets were all you could hear in the stadium. After much preliminary examination, the face mask was unscrewed and he was transferred to a stretcher. Fans cheered as he was taken off the field to be examined for spinal injury. He is currently under examination at the Utah Vally Hospital down the road.

Passing Game

Last point of interest. BYU continued to try and run throughout the night to limited success. Taysom did make an extra effort to pass more, but there was no spectacular difference to win the game. Utah wins 20 a 13.