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Professional Cougar Vic So'oto signs with Cardinals

Vic So'oto entered the NFL two years ago and has already played for a handful of NFL teams. The Arizona Cardinals picked him up on Monday afternoon due to injuries at the linebacker position.

A fan displays the Arizona Cardinal.
A fan displays the Arizona Cardinal.
Christian Petersen

Vic So’oto the former BYU linebacker was picked up by the Arizona Cardinals on Monday afternoon.  The Cardinals are in dire need of defensive players after some injuries on Sunday have them scrambling for help in the secondary.  Vic will be given a great opportunity to contribute immediately, although he is a few spots down on the depth chart.

The 1-2 Cardinals lost three defensive starters in their loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.  Two linebackers, Lorenzo Alexandar and Sam Acho, suffered injuries in the loss and were put on the season ending Injured Reserve list.   Safety Rashad Johnson also left the game and ended up losing the tip of his middle finger.   Johnson quipped that "it probably wasn’t getting used for anything good anyway" and is probable to play next week in Tampa Bay.  Dontay Moch who had been on the practice team was moved up to the active roster, leaving an extra defensive position open.

Vic was undrafted out of Brigham Young University, but signed with the Green Bay Packers in 2011.  Since that time he has bounced around a few teams and returned to the Packers for a month in 2012.  He was on the Washington Redskins squad until final roster cuts this season before he was released.  Vic then signed with the Eagles and was with them until the Cardinals came calling.

This may be the best opportunity to play that Vic has seen since entering the NFL a few years ago.  With two starters out for the rest of the season and the Cardinals already having lost two of their first three games, the expectations will be high for Vic to come in and make plays.  He will still be one of the second or third string linebackers and will add some depth to the depleted linebacking group.

A quick personal anecdote on Vic.  A few years ago my friend and I invited a bunch of people over to play Guitar Hero at our Provo house-apartment.  Our friends told us that they had asked a few BYU football players if they wanted to come over as well.  We didn’t think we would have much of a chance impressing the girls with our Guitar Hero skills if football players were around, but we told them it would be fine if they came over.

About an hour later, as our Guitar Hero skills had failed to impress the girls, we heard a knock at our back door.  As we opened it, two large men entered our living room, one of these being Vic.  Any intimidation we might have felt quickly vanished as Vic joked around with us and took his turn playing Guitar Hero (which he was really good at).  It wasn’t a big deal to him at the time, but it was a great experience to see the humble side of this larger than life football player.