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Breakout player prediction: Adam Hine

Adam Hine showed us last week that he can really move. It got me thinking, what else can he do?

George Frey

There were a lot of missed opportunities last week, perhaps none bigger than Adam Hine's kickoff return for a touchdown. It was called back by a holding penalty and could have been a huge momentum swing for the Cougars. Outside of his special teams play, Adam has only had three carries for just seven yards.

Adams explosive speed and ability to break tackles could be a needed spark for the lacking cougar offense. Playing against Middle Tennessee the Cougars may have a chance to experiment more on offense, mix in some new players, and try out some new plays. After Jamaal went down last week the BYU running game was turned over to Alisa and Lasike who did their best to pound it up the middle, but Taysom lost his wing-man in the run option game. Adam Hine could be the one to step into Jamaal's place and be the missing link to bring the offense together.

Obviously we are hoping for a quick and full recovery from Jamaal Williams, but even if he was at full health for this game, this would be the perfect game for Robert Anae to try out some new personnel packages, and I think Adam is ready for his breakout moment.

I am expecting a breakout game from Adam. If he gets more than ten carries, expect a touchdown. If he gets 33% or more of the carries for BYU, expect two touchdowns. Also I could see him with some 40+ yard kick returns.

Remember to never underestimate and man who does back-flips on his bike.

Adam Hine' "Bmx back-flip"