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Cody Hoffman Suspended

BYU receiver Hoffman suspended for tonight's game against Middle Tennessee.

Ronald Martinez

UPDATE 4:20 P.M.: Confirming previous rumors, BYU announced that WR Cody Hoffman has been suspended. The suspension will last for one game. From the university's statement:

BYU head football coach Bronco Mendenhall announced senior wide receiver Cody Hoffman has been suspended for tonight's game against Middle Tennessee due to a violation of team rules.

Hoffman's suspension is for one game. Hoffman leads BYU with 10 receptions and 171 yards in two games played. He missed BYU's season opener at Virginia due to a hamstring injury.

This is the second time Hoffman has missed time as he missed four practices in early August 2012, also due to a violation of team rules. The first suspension didn’t have any bearing on playing time and only kept him from practice and scrimmage. At the very least this suspension will require Hoffman to miss the MTSU game. Not only is this a blow to the Cougar offense, but to his own legacy as he is nine catches and three touchdowns away from holding the all-time records in both of those categories.

This is the second suspension in less than two weeks as Spencer Hadley was suspended for a minimum of five games before the Utah game. Depending on the infraction, the player can be suspended by the Honor Code office as well as face disciplinary action by the team. In most cases Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall requires the players to meet a set of requirements, beyond the honor code, before they can rejoin the team.

Original Post

Since early evening last night, rumors have been flying around Twitter that Cody Hoffman has been suspended for one game.

Just do a hashtag search for Cody and find about 20-30 tweets, all with the same question,

The rumor hasn't quite exploded yet because there has been no official word from BYU on the matter. Consequently, there's a tension and feeling of unease spreading across the Cougar community. Will he be there at tonight's game or not? We're still waiting on official word, though certain Twitter peeps have put out that they are attached to inside sources that say its true.

We're still waiting for official news, but we'll let you know if anything happens.

What we do know is that we can't afford to lose another player, especially one of our stars: Cody Hoffman. Cougars look for him to contribute in the growing throwing game. Although our running game is good, we need more help to give Middle Tennessee'sdefense something other than the run to worry about.