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Brandon Davies signed by Los Angeles Clippers

Brandon Davies, the captain of last year's BYU basketball team, was signed on Thursday to an undisclosed deal by the Los Angeles Clippers.


The immediate future just came a little more into focus for former BYU big man Brandon Davies.  The undrafted forward from Provo, UT was signed by the Los Angeles Clippers today.

The terms of the deal are not currently known, but generally any NBA deal is worth far more than you could make signing memorabilia and selling it in college (obligatory Johnny Manziel dig).

Doc Rivers, the newly minted Clippers coach, feels that Davies definitely "has a chance to be a player in our league" and that he "understands team basketball and he has the ability to play his game and not get in the way of other people playing their game".

Davies played for the Clippers summer league team and averaged nearly 6 points and 4 rebounds a game.  On his first day in the Clippers camp he had a one-on-one workout with Blake Griffin and couldn’t believe the surreal experience of playing pickup and having to guard the likes of Kevin Durrant and Carmelo Anthony.  Experiences like these are giving the former BYU star a taste of how close he is to being a professional basketball player.

Although many teams were interested in Brandon, no one was really sure how he could be used in the NBA.  He is currently stuck between the two forward spots and needs to expand his range significantly if he is to have a chance in the league.

Another area of improvement needed is on the defensive end.  Although he etched his name into the BYU record books as the fifth all-time leader in blocks and rebounds, he understands that the NBA is much different when it comes to defending the rim and covering space.

Brandon is definitely excited for the challenge and is fulfilling his childhood dream of being signed to an NBA franchise. As he continues to learn and develop his skills, the path to the NBA will hopefully fall more into focus.