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BYU sports news: WCC updates, TV ratings, more Bronco to Penn State, and more

We check in on the big news links from yesterday, including more WCC scuttlebutt, coaching changes, and more

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William Mancebo

Slower day around the internet yesterday, but that doesn't mean there isn't some news to report.

First, our friends at Rush the Court have broken down the WCC so far, and the results, like you would expect, are not pretty. RTC has BYU 8th in their WCC power poll, breaks down a lot of what we already knew (WCC looking a little single bid-like, many big names struggling, etc), but gives solid details on Pacific, Loyola, and the rest of the WCC "middle class", as it were, and breaks down what is up ahead.

Second, if you're the type of fan who tracks Exposure Numbers, you'll be pleased to know that quite a few people tuned in to watch BYU and Washington. Per this data, it looks like 3.75 Million fans watched the game, which would have easily been BYU's biggest viewship of the season, if not several seasons It even beat the Breaking Bad marathon on that night!

Finally, another sportswriter, Paul Meyerberg of USA TODAY, put Bronco Mendenhall on a list of potential candidates for the Penn State opening. We broke this idea down in a little more detail yesterday, and to sum it up, while I understand part of the appeal of Bronco to Penn State, I think ultimately he'd be a pretty poor fit, and I suspect it's pretty unlikely that this gains real legs. Our friend Jeremy Mauss also broke down a lot of those reasons in greater detail.

STILL, Meyerberg and Russo are two of the best national names in the business (outside of MAYBE Bill Connelly, NOBODY does preseason previews better than Meyerberg), and if both of them think that Mendenhall could at least be on the radar, that makes me think this isn't totally baseless speculation.

Finally, in basketball news, BYU's SOS took another hit, when Utah State was unexpectedly upset by Air Force, 73-72 last night, dropping USU's record to 10-3. At least you still have Texas!