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The Roar #7: BYU hoops on fire, recruiting, and the WCC showdown

The most relevant BYU knowledge of this past week is about to be dropped right here, right now on Vanquish the Foe.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

1. Rockin' and Rollin':

BYU hoops now sits alone in 2nd place in the West Coast Conference, one game behind Gonzaga, just ahead of Saint Mary's. For a time I didn't think there was a Big 3 in the WCC anymore, but as the season has progressed, it seems that it's alive and well as usual. After losing four straight and being 8-7 on the year, BYU has won five games in a row and now sits at 13-7 overall and 5-2 in WCC play. The biggest tweak Dave Rose made to spark the winning streak was bringing Carlino off the bench and starting Skyler Halford. Props to Coach Rose for having the coconuts to make changes to bring about a different result.


2. Signing Day is looming:

BYU fans get giddy when hearing names like Nick Kurtz, Damien Mama, Fred Warner, etc. But there are a few new names on the horizon that might get BYU fans even more excited about Signing Day which is on February 5th, just over two weeks away. Devon Blackmon is a 6'1" wide receiver with 4.4 speed who originally committed to Oregon, but ended up playing in the JC ranks. Blackmon is also a former high school teammate of BYU's Jamaal Williams. He would be a treat to watch. Another target to keep an eye on is Ronald Monroe. He is a dual threat QB from Texas who had over 3,000 yards passing and 900 yards rushing last season. He is committed to Washington State as a wide receiver, but has received offers from San Jose State and BYU to play quarterback. Last but not least, Damien Mama. Mama can basically pick and choose where he wants to go, but BYU is in his top 4. He is a beast of an O-lineman and would be the best get of the 2014 class if BYU lands him. He will make his decision on Signing Day, which will be exciting and disappointing depending on what he decides. BYU is shooting for the stars in recruiting nowadays and I'm loving it!


3. The Showdown:

When we hear the words showdown we typically think Ali vs. Frazier, or BYU vs. Utah. This is a different type of showdown. It's a West Coast Conference showdown. BYU takes on Gonzaga this Saturday at 8pm MST on ESPN2. Assuming BYU beats Portland and Gonzaga takes care of San Diego on Thursday, the matchup will feature the #1 and #2 teams in the conference. BYU will undeniably be the underdog, but riding a six game win streak, BYU will have all the confidence in the world going into that game. It is a must watch game for every BYU fan. It will be a good measuring stick to see where BYU is at, also a good measuring stick to see if Gonzaga owns the WCC like they usually do. As for me and my house, Go Cougars!


Your Turn:

Is benching Carlino and starting Halford the reason BYU has won the last five games? Or is it the weakness of the teams we've played?

Which recruit or set of recruits are you most excited to possibly get? Who do you want the most?

Assuming BYU and Gonzaga both win on Thursday, who will win the Saturday showdown between Gonzaga and BYU? What is your score prediction?

Answer in the comments below. Go Cougs!