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Harvey Unga featured in "Undrafted"

Harvey Unga is one of six players featered in a new NFL Network original series
Harvey Unga is one of six players featered in a new NFL Network original series

The NFL Network is known for all things NFL. This time the NFL media has gone beyond the names in the game and have set up an original series, Undrafted, that tells the stories of six football players that went undrafted and yet are still pursuing their dreams of playing in the NFL.

One of the featured six just happens to be one of the fan favorites out of BYU, Harvey Unga. As with the other five participants, the series will delve into the personal and professional life of Harvey as he continues to chase his dream. NFL Network does a great job of showing behind the scene footage of the players as they get ready for the Super Regional Combines as well as on field footage from their careers and footage from their personal lives and struggles.

One of the best moments from the premiere episode is the interaction Harvey shows with his family. As fans, we rarely have the opportunity to glimpse into our favorite players, personal life, see the work that is put in, and feel a tiny bit of the emotion of their successes and setbacks. Very few documentaries have grabbed my attention, but this one kept me interested throughout the entire episode. This is a must see series for those that are fans of Harvey, and fans of the underdog, as we get to know him as a person and more than just a football player.

The show premieres on Tuesday, October 28th at 7pm MT on NFL Network and will air every Tuesday through December 9th. An advance premiere of the first episode will air tonight after the Chargers-Broncos game on NFL Network. Don't miss your chance to see Harvey in his pursuit of the coveted roster spot in the NFL.

Good Luck to Harvey as we are all rooting for you!