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Jimmer's preseason debut

Former Cougar star drops 17 in his debut with the Pelicans

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night was a good night for former BYU superstar Jimmer Fredette.  He led his new team, the New Orleans Pelicans, to a preseason win over the Miami Heat 98-86.  Jimmer scored 17 points on 6-9 shooting, 3-4 from three point range, and 2-2 from the free throw line.  He added 3 assists and 2 steals in his 30 minutes.

While it is unlikely that Jimmer will play 30 minutes per game in the regular season, it is good to see him getting enough minutes to get into a rhythm and show what he can do.  Many Cougar fans and Jimmer supporters have just been hoping that Fredette would get a chance to play.

New Orleans might just be the place where he finally gets that chance.  With the roster as it is presently constituted, Jimmer will, most likely, be the back up point guard to Jrue Holiday.  The only other point guard on the roster is Russ Smith, who is a rookie.  Hopefully he can prove that he can be a role player off the bench and contribute to a young, up and coming team by providing shooting and play making for about 20 minutes a game.

The Pelicans play again Monday night against the Atlanta Hawks.