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BYU Basketball recap: BYU falls to San Diego State in double overtime thriller

Cougars keep it close, but the Aztecs pull away in the second overtime in Maui.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In a game that changed course multiple times, San Diego State came out on top in the quarterfinal matchup of the Maui Invitational between the Cougars and Aztecs.

BYU looked ready to take home the victory after they surged ahead to a five point lead with 1:38 left in the first overtime. Then in a wild sequence Aqeel Quinn squared up to shoot and had his three point attempt rejected by Corbin Kafusi. BYU guard Chase Fisher seemed to take possession but Quinn then stole the ball, stepped back behind the arc (the number of steps could have warranted a travel) and hit a three pointer to tie the game.

On the ensuing possession BYU was unable to get a good look for a game winning basket with Kyle Collinsworth lobbing up wild attempt as time expired. On the possession Tyler Haws was muscled to the ground by J.J. O'Brien without a foul call, much to the disappointment of Dave Rose.

In the second overtime the teams traded blows before SDSU started to build on their lead by way of free throws and the Cougars were unable to convert on seven consecutive three point attempts.

The Aztecs came out on fire early as they jumped out to a 11-0 lead before Chase Fisher hit a three pointer to start the scoring for the Cougars. BYU played solid defense in their initial possessions, forcing the Aztecs to take contested jump shots but their failure to box out led to easy points for SDSU forward Winston Shepard.  Aqeel Quinn also provided a huge spark off the bench for the Aztecs in the first half, going 3-7 from behind the arc.

While Haws was struggling in the first half, Isaac Neilson and Anson Winder helped keep the Cougars within striking distance. Neilson converted on back to back 3-point plays (an FG +1 and a traditional 3-point field goal) while Winder consistently attacked the basket to get his points.

In the second half, Collinsworth and Haws took control. The Aztecs would start to pull away, with their leading reaching as much as 9 points, but the two guards kept responding. The Cougars would come close but were never able to take the lead in the second half.

Five players ended up scoring double digits for the Cougars with Tyler Haws and Kyle Collinsworth leading the way with 26 and 21 points respectively.