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2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament: BYU's Cinderella Chances According to Science

Thanks to the guys at SB Nation we've got the science behind the Cinderellas of March Madness. Unfortunately, the science doesn't favor the Cougars.

Ever wondered what it takes to be a Cinderella in the NCAA Tournament? And if BYU has what it takes to make that fairytale run deep into March Madness.

Thanks to some of the talented people we have at SB Nation we've got the science to answer those questions.

And just in case you were curious:

  • BYU's 2013-14 Defensive Rebounding Percentage - 71.7%
  • BYU's 2013-14 3-Point Attempts per Game - 14.1
  • BYU's 2013-14 Turnover Differential - 1.41
  • BYU will be playing 1,239 miles from home.
  • BYU's last trip to the dance was in 2012, Matt Carlino and Anson Winder were the only two Cougars on this year's squad to see any kind of significant minutes in the two tournament games BYU played in that season.

Or in other words based on the science, The Cougars chances at fitting in the glass slipper this year aren't looking so good.