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2014 NFL Draft: Cody Hoffman signs with the Washington Redskins

After surprisingly going undrafted, Cody Hoffman has signed with the Washington Redskins as an undrafted free agent.

Mike McGinnis

After not hearing his name called during the seven rounds of the NFL Draft, Cody Hoffman has signed a free agent contract with the Washington Redskins. Hoffman was originally predicted to be drafted somewhere in the middle rounds, but after posting poor athletic numbers at the NFL Combine Hoffman's stock fell and he ended up going undrafted. 

While I'll admit Hoffman isn't great at creating separation and only has average top end speed, if there is one thing I can tell you about Hoffman there is a reason he's BYU all-time leader in receiving touchdowns in a single game (5), career receptions (260), career receiving touchdowns (33), career receiving yardage (3,612) through some of the most inconsistent quarterback play BYU has seen in a while...the guy just knows how to catch the football.

Hoffman is no stranger to being undervalued though. Out of high school he was only rated a two-star prospect and his only scholarship offer besides BYU was Sacramento State. Hoffman went on to become arguably the best receiver in BYU history.

Now I don't expect that Hoffman will ever be a star receiver in the NFL, but I do believe he has the ability to become a good possession receiver as a third or maybe even second option for an NFL team. Hoffman has good size, great body control especially near the sideline, and ability to win contested balls. With all that said there are two areas that Hoffman needs to improve in order to succeed at the next level. First, he needs to play more physical off the line of scrimmage, so NFL corners can't jam him at the line. Second, like a lot of young receivers Hoffman needs to learn to run crisper routes.

Some scouting reports have questioned Hoffman's work ethic, but I don't think that is an actual issue. I'm not sure where that assessment is coming from, but I don't see how a receiver that lacks the elite athleticism that many receivers have can do what he did at BYU without a solid work ethic.

On behalf of Vanquish The Foe I'd like to congratulate Cody Hoffman on this achievement and wish him luck!.