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2014 NFL Draft: UDFA Uani 'Unga earns interest, but will have to wait for a contract

Uani 'Unga looks to further his football career but will have to wait for medical clearance before being given a shot.

Uani 'Unga celebrates after a tackle against Wisconsin
Uani 'Unga celebrates after a tackle against Wisconsin
Mike McGinnis

Uani' Unga is still hoping to keep his dreams of playing in the NFL alive, but NFL teams wanted assurance that his he is completely healthy.  Initially thought to be a late round draft pick, a torn ACL in the Cougars bowl game dampened his chances of going in the draft.  After coming out of seemingly nowhere to record an incredible 143 tackles, almost double the 79 recorded by the next closest Cougar, he garnered enough interest that teams were talking to him during the BYU Pro-Day.  He mention on twitter that he will get workouts when healthy.  It may be July before this happens, so hopefully teams keep their interest.

It will be interesting to see if Uani will be back in time to practice during training camp, but regardless of when he makes his appearance it will be to the benefit of the team that takes a chance on him..  'Unga has a nose for the ball and twice recorded 15+ tackle games as he ran from sideline to sideline.  He is always going after the ball and isn't afraid to lay a hit on the ball carrier.

The rehab of his ACL will be the biggest concern as it will limit the chances he will have to get on field work.  Not only will he need to make sure the knee can handle the stress of the NFL but he will need to work just to get back into shape after his limitations.  He may never be a star in the NFL but if he can overcome the injury, he could make a very solid back-up that could infuse the team with energy.

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From Vanquish the Foe and Cougar fans worldwide, we look forward to seeing which team will give you a shot!