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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 100 days

Only 100 days left until BYU's first game.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

What do pet cougars, Mr. Irrelevant, and Knute Rockne have in common? BYU, of course! There are now 100 days until BYU kicks off against UConn on August 29. Follow the Cougar Kickoff Countdown for some fun trivia about BYU football each day until game day. We'll take a look at the early days of BYU football right up through the current roster. Find out Knute Rockne's connection to the program and the names of the mascots before Cosmo. Just how many records did Jim McMahon set and did LaVell ever trash talk? For now, just know that there are 100 days until the Brigham Young Cougars kickoff another season! Check back tomorrow for your Cougar football fix.