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BYU Football: Do the Cougars have a scheduling ally within the ACC?

UVA's AD Craig Littlepage indicated that he could be willing to include BYU as a power five team in an interview Wednesday.

Scott Stadium in Virginia
Scott Stadium in Virginia
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC and SEC have both decided that BYU will not count in relation to their decisions that their schools must play one power 5 school for a non-conference game each season. It certainly doesn't sound good for BYU, right? It's kind of like when you wanted to go play basketball with your older brother and he wouldn't let you join him and his big boy friends. It's not fun being on the outside looking in. Right now it may even feel like a bit of a condemnation from the ACC and SEC to some of the Cougar faithful. However, the situation may be more fluid than it appears on the surface.

In an article Wednesday by David Teel, of Virginia's Daily Press sports' news, there appears to be a scheduling ally for BYU in the University of Virginia's AD, Craig Littlepage. The UVA Cavaliers played BYU last season and will play them in Provo this season as well. In addition, the two teams are scheduled to meet again in 2019 and 2020 and Littlepage wants the conference to reconsider BYU's status in terms of the new scheduling philosophy.

"That's something that will get continuing conversation. Certainly (BYU has) been as high-profile a football program as any (outside) the (power) conferences."

-Craig Littlepage, University of Virginia Athletic Director

It's important not to speculate too much on this because, as we know, there is opposition in all things and that certainly applies to this debate. Virginia Tech's AD Whit Babcock voiced his concerns of Cougar inclusion.

"If you're going to say a power five, that's where it needs to stay, because where (would exceptions) stop after (BYU)? I think it's power five or nothing."

-Whit Babcock, Virginia Tech Athletic Director

His argument makes sense. It's an easy to draw line in the sand.

Wouldn't it have been nice if your brother invited you to go play ball with the big boys? After all, maybe you were a baller as a kid. Maybe after you got your chance to prove yourself, the rest of the big boys realized you could hang. Nothing changes for BYU right now, but it's good to know that there is someone on the inside suggesting the Cougars "get continuing conversation."

Until then, BYU simply needs to prove their worth on the field and win. Win often. Win big.