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BYU Football Recruiting: Khari Vanderbilt Commits to the Cougars

JUCO defensive back Khari Vanderbilt committed to play for BYU in 2015 today.

BYU fans are excited for Khari Vanderbilt in 2015!
BYU fans are excited for Khari Vanderbilt in 2015!
George Frey

Khari Vanderbilt, defensive back out of San Jose City College, committed to play for BYU in 2015. At 6'3 and 185 pounds, with a 4.5 40-yard dash, Vanderbilt is a nice addition for the Cougars as they will be losing Craig Bills, Robertson Daniel, and Jordan Johnson after this season. Vanderbilt has good closing speed and is a solid open field tackler. He is also a good pass protector and comes up on runs well, too.

BYU has got a lot of mileage out of California JUCO defensive backs like Omar Morgan, Brian Gray, Heshimu Robertson, and Chris Ellison. Did I leave anybody out? Geoff Martzen and Nick Howell have both used hashtags #noflyzone and #2015chosenones on twitter in describing the 2015 defensive recruiting class. Vanderbilt is an important, and early piece, to the 2015 defensive backfield. Keep Vanderbilt in the back of your mind this season, because he is a guy who could make an immediate impact come 2015.

Here's what Vanderbilt potentially brings to the Cougars: