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Happy Fathers Day BYU Fans

A tribute to all fathers that have taught their children the spirit, honor and tradition of BYU football.

Fans cheer at a BYU game
Fans cheer at a BYU game
George Frey

When the third Sunday of June comes around each year, many fathers will be opening presents of socks, ties, and mugs stating their world ranking.  It's a difficult challenge to find a gift sufficient enough for someone who has dedicated their life to providing you with the necessities of life, and the joys of BYU football.

BYU football has been a constant provider of father-son bonding experiences.  From the very beginning, the Cougars have played a major part in the relationship between my father and I.  While I was in the process of emerging from my mother's womb, BYU was in the process of beating up on the Washington Huskies 31-3.  My father was glued to the T.V. in the waiting room at the small hospital in Idaho.   I don't blame him since BYU had just won a National Championship about nine months earlier.  In fact, I would like to think that the first time he held me in his arms, I looked up in his eyes and asked, "what's the score?"

Over the years, amazing moments were shared while watching the BYU football team.  Traveling down to Provo once a year to enjoy the game from the seats of Lavell Edwards Stadium was the highlight of my youth.  Watching the games in the basement of our house was just as fun.  I will never forget when Johnny Harline made, "the catch." My Dad and I both screamed and jumped to high heaven.

To really give the gift that my Dad deserves, maybe it's just the appreciation for the bonding moments that he shared with me and continuing the tradition of being a BYU football fan with my kids.  When I call him up this Sunday to talk sports, I will be sure to thank him for raising me up to be a BYU football fan.