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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 75 Days

A quarter of the way done with the Cougar Kickoff Countdown and we take a look at offensive tackle John Tait.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

When #75 John Tait got to BYU as a freshman in 1993 he was hoping to see playing time immediately. The coaching staff, however, wanted him to redshirt before going on his mission. He ground that first year out on the practice squad and then served a mission in Knoxville, Tennessee. Getting home in December 1995 put him in position to compete for a starting spot for one of the best seasons in Cougar history. As a redshirt freshman, Tait secured a starting offensive tackle spot. His first game was against Texas A&M and as he put it, "I was scared to death to play those guys."Coach Lance Reynolds had some pregame advice in the locker room for him, "Good luck today. You're a great player. Just remember, if things go wrong, if you start giving up sacks, don't panic." Well Tait did not give up a sack, nor did he panic. The Cougars won, fans rushed the field, and Tait never lost his starting position in his 37 games as a Cougar before becoming a first-round draft pick after his junior year in 1999.