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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 71 Days Things Have Changed

There are 71 days left in the Cougar Kickoff Countdown!

Kent Horner

Val Weenig and Ului Lapuaho have #71 and playing offensive line in common, but that is about it. Weenig could be Lapuaho's grandfather, he played for BYU from 1960-1962. Lapuaho is a freshman this season. Weenig was 6'2 and 198 pounds. Lapuaho is 4 inches taller and 125 pounds heavier at 6'6 and 323 pounds. Weenig may have had good O-line size in the early '60's, but now would make for a good defensive back. Despite not actually yet playing in a game for BYU, Mendenhall thinks that Lapuaho has the potential to be an All-Pro type player at the next level. Granted a comparison of these two players makes a poor metric for tracking the change of size needed to play Div-1A offensive line. However the anecdotal evidence between the two is rather striking. Things have changed indeed.