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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 88 Days

88 Days left until kickoff!

George Frey

#88 Jay Miller came to BYU as a young 17-year old receiver who got homesick for his family and friends in San Diego. Although he wanted to go home at one point, LaVell Edwards talked him into staying, saying that he thought Miller would become BYU's first consensus All-America player. But, if Miller wanted to at the end of the season, LaVell would grant him a release. Miller decided to stay.

The next season, as a sophomore, he became the nation's leading receiver four games in. Later on in the season, against New Mexico, Miller set two school records: 263 yards receiving and 22 receptions in a game. As Miller described it, "Gary (Sheide) was totally on, and we were connecting." At one point the team realized that he had to be close to the NCAA record of receptions in a game, thinking it was 20, so they threw to Miller even more to get him the receptions. He reached 20, but just in case they were wrong, they lobbed a couple more passes his way and Miller ended the game with his record 22 receptions. The Cougars won 56-21 and Miller's teammates put him on their shoulders, game ball in hand, and carried him off the field.

As a junior, Miller damaged his knee and was unable to fully recover. Even though he didn't have the chance to become the first consensus All-America Cougar, he still considers himself lucky to have been a part of LaVell's BYU dynasty.