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BYU AD Tom Holmoe named to NCAA Selection Committee. What that means:

BYU AD Tom Holmoe will now help shape the NCAA basketball bracket.

George Frey

When West Coast Conference commissioner Jamie Zaninovich left to take a job with the Pac-12, it left a void on the NCAA Men's Basketball Committee, which selects the field for the NCAA Tournament. That void has now been filled, by BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe, who will fill the remaining two years of Zaninovich's term. From the release, Holmoe adds:

"I am honored to be selected to represent the WCC and to serve on the NCAA Division I men’s basketball committee," Holmoe said in a statement. "I appreciate those who have served before me and will do all I can to keep the tournament the wonderful event that it has become."

Does this mean BYU will get an extra bump among the selection committee? No. In order to prevent allegations of bias, Holmoe will leave the room when BYU or WCC teams are discussed as far as bids or seeding is concerned.

However, that doesn't mean BYU fans shouldn't be happy with this development. A lot of important college football business is relationship driven, and any opportunity that gets Holmoe out of Provo and with face time with other major college football administrators and power brokers could potentially be beneficial of the program.

The committee will be chaired by Scott Barnes, the AD at Utah State, and will include representatives from power programs like LSU, Michigan State, Stanford and Oklahoma, as well as Crieighton, Northeastern, UNC-Asheville, and Conference USA.