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BYU Football Recruiting: Catching up with Porter Gustin

Terrell Williams caught up with highly recruited linebacker prospect, Porter Gustin, to get his thoughts on his recruitment by BYU. Written by Josh Cann.

Linebacker Porter Gustin is a talented player out of Salem, UT and is a 4-star recruit. He is rated 97 out of 100 on 247 sports but hasn't received a scholarship offer from BYU, which has some fans scratching their heads wondering why. Not only is he LDS but he is maintaining a 3.5 GPA, grew up a huge BYU fan and has attended every BYU camp since he was a kid. He visited BYU in December, but did not receive an offer.

Porter Gustin's recruitment by BYU:

"You know I honestly don't understand. I thought they really liked me from the beginning. They haven't said a thing about it so I'm just more confused actually," Gustin said. "The same day they came and worked me out Ohio State and Notre Dame came in and they both offered me on the spot, but I never heard back from BYU. I can speculate that Kaufusi was offered in my position, but it has been the worst experience I have had in the (recruiting) process."

Porter Gustin is a 6-5, 240 pound OLB, DE, TE, & even QB prospect who has received offers, from Florida State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Oregon, Stanford, Wisconsin, USC, Oklahoma State, UCLA, Miami (FL), Boise State, Louisville, Arizona State, Utah, and Utah State just to name a few.

"I grew up loving BYU. I have attended their camps and we are big supporters, but this process has taken a toll on myself, my parents, and even my friends that are very close to BYU," Gustin said.

So why wouldn't BYU offer an active LDS kid in BYU's backyard (Salem, UT), who is freakishly talented and has offers to go anywhere in the country?

Gustin's father, John Gustin had this to say about Gustin's visit to BYU in an article on back in in April

"We made a visit to BYU in December and talked to the coaching staff with the intention of committing to BYU if they had offered, but they said they were over their scholarship allotment for linebackers."

Clearing the Air:

The most difficult part for Gustin has been the way some fans have speculated and treated him in this sensitive process.

"There have been a lot of people lie about me saying I'm not honor code worthy which is the farthest thing from the truth. I am more than worthy, but people find excuses and say untrue things and it pisses me off. My family and I are strong LDS people, we read and pray together every day and live right," Gustin said.

"I read a BYU Cougar Board post the other day that was surprising. Some guy that has never met me says I have poor character and I was like wow! I'm the most loyal person in this world, I'll have your back 100% of the time," Gustin said. "I don't want people spreading bogus claims that have no truth to them. I am an integritable and honest person."

However, not all BYU fans have treated him badly.

"I have received over 30 hand-written letters in the mail from Cougar fans that don't understand why BYU hadn't treated me fairly or whatever and wishing me luck, so it's all good. It will work out, I trust in God's plan for me," Gustin said.

Porter Gustin on Utah:

"Every year I'd drive from where I lived in Idaho to come to BYU not Utah, nothing against Utah though, I need to be respectful to Utah because they offered me. I do have great contacts at both schools right now (BYU and Utah) and Utah has shown more love obviously with an offer," Gustin said.

Is BYU still an option?

"If God wants me there (BYU) it will work out. I haven't taken them off my list and maybe there's a reason," Gustin said.

Personally, I don't know what BYU is waiting for, I think he'd be an outstanding get for the program. Maybe there's something that Bronco knows that we all don't, but it's not for us to speculate. We may never know due to the NCAA rules that keeps coaches and the staff hush hush.

"BYU is still on my list! I feel like people don't understand I'm still interested."

How do you feel about the situation? Let us know in the comments!

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