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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 41 Days

In the 1980 Holiday Bowl 41 yards and 11 SMU players were all that stood between BYU and their first bowl victory, with only three seconds left to play.

Michael Cohen

With the ball on the 41-yard line in the 1980 Holiday Bowl against SMU, Jim McMahon had the moxy to lead his team to victory. He had already overruled the coaching staff to prevent the punt team from coming on the field. Only three seconds left in the game and McMahon knew exactly what to do. In the huddle McMahon called "a multi-option play at the line of scrimmage" and then advised his teammates, "Look, hold them off a little longer and give the guys a chance to get in the end zone. We've come way too far to lose now. Someone catch the ball and let's win this damn thing."