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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 33 Days

In 2006 BYU beat Utah in dramatic fashion.


In 2006 the Cougars (9-2) and Utes (7-4) had an epic showdown at Rice-Eccles Stadium. With one minute and twenty seconds remaining the Utes scored and took the lead 31-27. John Beck put together a quick drive with passes to Bryce Mahuika, McKay Jacobsen, and Curtis Brown that got the Cougars down to the Utah 12-yard line.

With only three seconds remaining Beck told Jonny Harline to look for a jump ball if it was a man-blitz and if not to get open in the end zone and buy time. Beck took the snap and worked his way to the left side of the field. Time expired before a Utah linebacker put pressure on him and Beck rolled back to the right side of the field. Harline had cut from the right side of the field to the left, but the defense followed Beck to the right side leaving him wide open. Beck had seen Harline and turned to make the pass, just before taking contact from another Utah defender. Throwing both across his body and across the field, Beck's pass was a little short. Harline came up and slid to secure the pass and score the touchdown. Cougars won 33-31.

This is why Harline will always be open.