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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 31 Days

Three days to fall camp and thirty one to UConn.

Leon Halip

Since 1942, BYU has had 133 players drafted into the NFL. The first player from BYU to be drafted was Garth Chamberlain in 1942 by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kyle Van Noy became the most recent NFL draftee earlier this year when the Detroit Lions made him their fortieth pick in the second round. Ezekiel Ansah and Jim McMahon are the only two Cougars to be top ten draft picks, both at number five. The San Francisco 49ers have drafted eleven former Cougars. The most players to be drafted in a single year from BYU are seven; that occurred in 1981 and in 1986. In 2001 Tevita Ofahengaue was the last player drafted, thereby earning the honor and distinction of Mr. Irrelevant.

The full list of former Cougar draftees can be seen here.