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Unofficially Official: Langi is transferring to BYU

Former Bingham High teammates announce on Twitter Harvey Langi's transfer to BYU.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

July 8, Vai Sikahema announced that returning missionary would be transferring to BYU once he got home from his mission in Tampa Bay, Florida earlier this month, but some things still seemed up in the air. Langi had yet to actually meet with either Utah or BYU coaches and there were rumors that he would be visiting some California schools as well.

Twenty days later, July 28, former Bingham High stars and teammates Kesni Tausinga and Manoa Pikula both announced on Twitter that Harvey Langi will be joining them in Provo, UT as a Cougar. Tausinga tweeted:

Pikula asked Cougar fans to follow Langi on Twitter in his tweet:

So far BYU has not officially announced Langi's expected transfer to become a Cougar.