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BYU Football Scheduling: Movement for 2015

Lost in the scheduling is the realignment of the 2015 schedule.

BYU will play Idaho State in 2015
BYU will play Idaho State in 2015
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

As the BYU fan base debates the merits of the Cougars announced home-and-home series with Northern Illinois, the BYU athletic department is quietly rearranging the 2015 schedule.  According to the following twitter post by Greg Wrubell, 2015 will look different:

With the Idaho State game being slotted for the week previously scheduled for Cincinnati, the schedule appears to be very fluid.  Many have speculated, with hints from the Southern Miss athletic director, that the BYU-Southern Miss game in October will not be played in 2015.

If the game is dropped from this schedule, this opens up a date that the Bearcats could come and play in Provo. This looks to be a done deal according to with their latest tweet:

Currently the Cougars are scheduled to play road games at Nebraska, UCLA, Michigan, Southern Miss, San Jose State, UNLV, and Utah State.  If things go as anticipated, the Southern Miss game would be rescheduled and the team would have only six road games.

If all goes as speculated, the home schedule would include Boise State, East Carolina, Cincinnati, Idaho State, Connecticut, and Fresno State.  As BYU continues to schedule teams the future schedules are flexible and fluid so check back as we update the information!