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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 5 Days

Less than 120 hours to kickoff!

George Frey

There must be something about players named Kyle and great defensive highlights at BYU. Kyle Van Noy is one of them and will be addressed in a couple of days. #5 Kyle Morrell is the other.

In 1984 BYU traveled to Hawaii in September and found themselves scratching for a win. Three times the Cougars held off the Rainbow Warriors with goal line stands. On the final attempt, Hawaii quarterback Ralph Cherry tried to sneak the ball up the middle, being just a couple inches shy of the goal line. Morrell thought he could get him if he went over the lines and really had nothing to lose if him jumped the gun and was caught off sides. He timed it perfectly as he dove over both the BYU defensive and Hawaii offensive lines. He later said Cherry's eyes were huge, as he flipped over the lines and tackled Cherry for a loss on the play, forcing them to kick a field goal. BYU won the game 18-13.