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Cougar Kickoff Countdown: 2 Days

With less than 48 hours until the Cougars meet the Huskies on the field, we'll take a look at the best player to don the number two for BYU

Scott Cunningham

During the last four years, #2 Cody Hoffman was the lone offensive component of consistency for BYU. When he was on the field, you knew all the quarterback had to do was get the ball to him and Hoffman would make a play. He did it to score a touchdown against Georgia Tech with a DB interfering with the pass. He did it against Oregon State with a bobbling ball while falling on his back. He did it against UCF in 2011 when he returned a kickoff 93-yards for a touchdown, the first time a player has done that for BYU since 1998! Hoffman leads BYU receivers in receiving yards at 3,612. In 2012 against New Mexico State he tied the school record for most touchdowns and most touchdowns caught at five, which also tied the school record for most points scored in a game at thirty. He is also the all-time receptions leader and touchdown leader at BYU.