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The Zone Leaders Podcast, with Zach Bloxham & Jake Welch - Episode Four

After hours of endless debate, Zach Bloxham and Jake Welch have decided on a name for their podcast. In this week's episode, Zach compares Ross Apo to a down and out comedian from the 90's and Jake (semi) apologizes for saying really mean things about Kellen Fowler.

"I want YOU to listen to the Zone Leaders podcast."
"I want YOU to listen to the Zone Leaders podcast."
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

In the fourth version of the Zone Leaders Podcast, Zach and Jake evaluate the Cougars performance against Houston, discuss what to expect next week when BYU squares off against a hungry UVA team, and for the first time in the history of the podcast they make reference to the University of Utah.

LISTEN HEREThe Zone Leaders Podcast featuring Zach Bloxham and Jake Welch: Episode Four

Follow Zach and Jake on Twitter at their respective accounts, @zbloxham and @BYUAllBlue.

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