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The Zone Leaders Podcast with Zach Bloxham & Jake Welch - Episode 5

As the Cougars of BYU go into the bye week a perfect 4-0, Zach and Jake break down the Virginia game, talk about fan expectations of game attendance and reflect on the greatest moment in college football history. HINT: it involves a golf cart.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

In the fifth version of the Zone Leaders Podcast, Zach and Jake evaluate the Cougars performance against UVA, discuss which player needs to be healthy during the bye week, and maybe if you listen closely you will hear Zach talk about his dating life.

The Zone Leaders Podcast featuring Zach Bloxham and Jake Welch - Episode Five

Follow Zach and Jake on Twitter at their respective accounts, @zbloxham and @BYUAllBlue. To check out more episodes of the podcast, visit them over on Podbean.

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